Terms of Use

As a Crisis Coaching Member, you are entitle to the following access:

Individual or VIP: Two log in devices.

Family: Up to four minor or adult children and two full adults(maximum of six log in devices)

Corporate: Two log in devices per employee


We have basically one Rule for all Members: respect each other. If you feel your emotions rising to the negative against another Member, especially in the Waystation 49 virtual cafe or the wargaming sessions, or lab, please count to ten and back off, rather than escalating to a battle of emotions and opinions. We realize when it comes to parents, and parent care it is easy to get upset or to have buttons activated. This is supposed to be a safe space for all to share experiences.

Should any conversation exchanges end up abusive, threatening, "name-calling," etc. Crisis Coaching reserves the right to cancel your membership,without refund to you. You will be blocked from entering the website should this happen.

Bottom line - be supportive to people as many are hurting and over-tired. When in doubt, error on the side of giving people a doubt and room to breathe.