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Crisis Coaching, also known as crisis-coaching.com, serves  any individual or family facing crisis or life-changing events.We also  offer our program to companies to sponsor their staff at a reduced fee  group rate. (Minimum enrollment  - 6 key or essential employees.)

The Crisis Coaching program is based on over 20 years of gathered research by Caesi Bevis  which came from assisting people with disabilities, caregivers and case  managers since 1993. In 1992-96, Caesi Bevis, the founder / content  creator consulted on the interpretation of the Americans with  Disabilities Act of 1990 for the theme park industry. 

Today, as a  Healthcare Lobbyist, she actively stands for consolidating federal and  state disability laws to create uniformity in application. As is, she  points out, someone with disabilities can travel with a medical support  animals, that might not be a dog or horse, and be accepted for travel,  but arrive at a destination and not have access to businesses such as  hotels and restaurants - but also face state laws not permitting leaving  an animal in a (rented) or other vehicle if temperatures are too cold  or hot.

Current Projects of Crisis Coaching:

Healthcare Federal Lobbying

  • Bevis Mental and Physical Healthcare Bill -  proposed federal Bill to help improve protection of seniors and elderly  in care facilities or aging in place, or aging "without" a place. The  Bill identifies gaps in services and protections as laws presently  stand.

Video Production and Content Research and Creation Ongoing for Crisis Coaching Training Program

  • Lining up speakers for webinar training.
  • Executing smaller scale live events and webinars.
  • Educational program outreach to HR Directors at companies.

Training Books in final stages of edits for the Crisis Coaching Program and also available for sale to the general public.

(See New Books for new books available for Pre-Sale or recently released.)


Crisis Coaching is under the umbrella of Bevis Consulting & Productions.


Crisis Coaching offers  free reports and webinars to the general public from time to time. The  best way to access these is to join our email broadcast list.