Privacy Policy

Crisis Coaching upholds the privacy laws of the United States and also Canada. Where the laws conflict, we error on the side of the "conservative," which is Canadian Laws. We strongly believe in protecting individual privacy rights.

Your name, and contact information will never be sold or distributed beyond the scope of what we need to do to serve you as our Member. In order to bring Members the best in products and services, we do have Partnerships and Affiliates; we do distribute their offers through our communications but do not release your lists to them.

Likewise if you learn of another member's name and contact information, please do NOT abuse the responsibility of holding their name and information that they have entrusted to you. Please help all of us protect each other and do not share another person's contact information, unless they have specifically asked that you do so.

Any Members caught spamming another Member will lose their membership and not receive any refunds. If you have any questions about our privacy laws, feel free to email us at: