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My Inner Circle of Go to People know I am a strong fan of several personal growth motivational speakers. I have over 20 years background in personal growth coursework. It started in my twenties with Adventures in Achievements with Jim Rohn, through being an 'early guinea pig' of Tony Robbins test groups when he was testing training, through attending Leadership conferences, and later doing extensive Landmark Education work.

Since spring 2012, I have been a strong fan of Brendon Burchard's training - and Crisis Coaching coming into existence had a lot to do with his running a bootcamp for professional authors called Experts' Academy teaching Internet marketing positioning.

Brendon also developed High Performance Academy, which is training on what the most successful people in the world do to help them become successful and keep them successful.

The following is an exerpt of Brendon Burchard's free You Tube videos from his channel that have topics related to Crisis Coaching work. These video tips may help you muster through on some of your darkest draining challenges. -- Caesi Bevis, Founder, Crisis Coaching

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Check out over 150 different short videos from NY Times Best Selling Author Brendon Burchard, Founder / Creator of High Performance Academy   to help motivate you through the tunnel of Case Management  / Caregiving.


Abstract: "Tips for when you are overwhelmed being pulled in multiple directions with overwhelming obligations. "  - Caesi

Abstract: "Adding more responsibilities may throw you off initially or long term. Brendon discussed techniques to get you to keep yourself disciplined."- Caesi

Abstract: "I use this most days. When I was the most overwhelmed, I found this system helped keep me grounded to still know "how to find my way back to me" - not be swallowed up by my father's needs when case managing and caregiving. I still worked on my projects, too."   - Caesi

Abstract: "Brendon gives tips on being fully present in conversations in all relationships so the other person can really feel you and feel your caring.

You may not be able to spend "quantity" time with family when there is an emergency, but you can do what you can do to authentically be present and have your true heart and caring land when you are there. "Quality time" over "quantity, time." - Caesi

Abstract: "When I first became a Case Manager, then Caregiver , for my father, I felt absolutely overwhelmed with having to learn SO much, SO fast, with SO much at stake. I felt 'under the microscope' because I was the estranged daughter/ he the estranged father and I felt their could be consequences if I did not perform as perfectly as possible even when exhausted. The learning curve for me, was rough as it had to all be done fast and long distance (later 16 trips by plane back and forth to help locally in a period of ONE YEAR!)" - Caesi


Abstract: "Brendon's take-away - be clear on who you really want to support, and who, if you have to be responsible for them, have a plan to delegate as much as possible.

[Had I known I probably could have gotten a court-appointed Guardian for my estranged parent, I would have done so. But part of the problem is many times we don't even know what questions to ask. It never occurred to me to ASK how I could get someone else to be responsible for him since I lived so far away, and was not the best choice. I believed the hospital instead of asking questions. NOW I know. ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS. Don't accept responsibilities others want to put on you - unless you know you want to accept these. ] "  - Caesi

Abstract: You likely will need this. Whether you are dealing with upset siblings or other relatives, the next-door-neighbor, or  one of the medical or admin staff involved in care for your Person, it seems when everyone is stressed and operating on little sleep conversations can take negative turns. Also if you need to tell a parent that the "driving days are over." the odds are that that conversation may be met with resistance. Brendon's strategies may be helpful to you. I sure wish I had known him during the first two years when I was struggling with my stubborn father." - Caesi

Abstract: " Brendon walks you through some of his strategies to help him make better decisions."   See also my upcoming book and course on Principle of 12 Complex Decision Making System - Caesi