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Media Requests

Caesi Bevis is available for keynote speaking engagements. Topics:

"Saving Money and Time Booking and Staying at 2-3-4 Star US Hotels"  (with book)

"Mitigate Healthcare Crisis Risk - Creating a Crisis Plan NOW."

"I will be 'here' for you..." / "In sickness and in health..."  --  When Aging in Place at Home Does Not Work - How to Make Adult  Residential Care Decisions

"Business Planning for Worker Shortage" - When Key and Essential Workers Leave Suddenly Due to a Family Healthcare Crisis

"How to Hire a Good Doctor" - Background Checks

Lemon - Aid Rescue: " How to Pa for Repairs to an Inherited 'Lemon' House"

Wear Glasses or Contacts? How to Save Money and Time without Losing Quality -  the Next Time You Need a New Prescription

"Principle of 12" Decision -Making System for Complex Decision Making - with Afternoon 'War Games'


Bio on Caesi Bevis, MBA, Founder / Principal of Crisis Coaching

Caesi Bevis has over 21 years experience at  national and international, as well as state and county (US),  and  provincial  (Canadian) levels consulting to appointed and elected  officials as a consultant, lobbyist and advocate. On an almost daily  basis, she liases with ngo's as well as government agencies such as the  FTC, FDA, and EPA. She consults on the Americans with Disabilities Act.  She has consulted to industries such as: hospitality (hotels and  restaurants) / tourism, engineering and architecture, bio-med /  pharmaceutical . As part of her consulting practice in Canada, she was  licensed as an investigator, and primarily investigated personal injury  and worker's comp claims. She founded multiple nonprofits assisting  people with disabilities, their caregivers and case managers.

She has directly case managed for people with mental illness.

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Crisis Coaching hosts various expert trainers in:  legal, insurance, navigating healthcare systems, real estate, adult  residential care, dying and death issues, and cross border situations,  to name a few areas.

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