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Crisis Coaching Disability Access for Hotels and Restaurants

Principal Caesi Bevis is a "Level 7" (Sr. Contributor) for Trip Advisor,  began  doing hospitality, tourism, venues, and event access assessments in  March 1998. For the past five years, she has freelanced written for Trip  Advisor.

To date, she has over 40,000 readers in just Trip Advisor alone  (Writing as "Waystation 49"), averages 75,000 daily views on Quora  where she answers questions on Human Behavior, Seniors, Elderly, and on  relationships for Teens and Young 20 -somethings. Caesi has  approximately 5,000 on FaceBook, 560+ on Twitter, and  a growing  presence on Linked In, and on other social media platforms. She cross  markets wherever she can do so within marketing and policy guidelines.

Whenever Caesi travels, most often she is conducting accessibility  reviews based on the Americans with Disabilities Act for hospitality  industry properties as a courtesy at properties. Usually her "sidekick"  her medical service animal, a cat named Blossom, accompanies her.  Blossom's job is she tours a hotel room checking for any problems for a  medical support, emotional support animal or pet. She calls out  everything from dangling wires, to under-the-bed not being blocked,  holes in walls, stinky stains on the carpet, and also points out the  pluses, such as business desks long enough for a pet bed so a pet could  watch an owner work on a computer. It's less lonely for an assisting  animal or pet when he/ she is part of the action, vs. looking up at a  working owner.

About Accessibility Reviews

Our target readership are professionals  between 35-55, and many  times traveling with family or older parents, or special needs siblings.  Or - they themselves may be living with a disability.

Please see Trip Advisor  www.tripadvisor.com for more information on reviews Caesi Bevis wrote.

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