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Caesi Bevis, MBA, Founder and Principal, is in the process of bringing the following titles to print that support the Crisis Coaching program.

Adult Residential Care:

  • "Assisted Living for Dummys" - Know Your Parents' Residential Rights


  • "Principle of 12(tm) System Series - Simplifying Complex Decision-Making  - Books by industry


  • "Check! Take Back Your Personal Power & Healthcare"
  • "Four-Eyes: Saving Money on Glasses and Contacts"

Personal Business:

  • "Growing Old, Growing Vulnerable"
  • "How to File Life Papers"
  • "Incorporate YOU"

Personal Growth:

  • "Running Toward the Fire: How to Conquer Fear in a Crisis"
  • "Transient" - Journey of an Adult Only Child

Real Estate:

  • Lemon-ade Rescue: "143 Ways to Pay to Repairs an Inherited Lemon House"

Travel: For Adult Children Facing Managing Medical Emergencies Out of Area:

  • U. S. Hotels: "Traveler's Guide 2017-18: How to Save Money on 2-3-4 Star Hotels"