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What you need to know as a business owner, key / essential employee, or traveling professional.

Develop a Crisis Plan

Learn Your Risks

Protect Your Company / Yourself

Got Parents?

You are About to Lose Your Company,

Your Career. Your Job.

Did you See That Coming?

Didn’t think so.

If your parents are alive, and you have been through Caregiving or are doing it now, you might know what I am talking about. The insurance industry ought to create “parent insurance” for every adult working child should take out a policy insuring their parents. Gee - we have insurance on children and pets! Why not PARENTS so that their escalating healthcare needs for caregiving cannot blindside up and effect our jobs? Or businesses!

 43.5 million Americans are providing unpaid care to an aging parent. Can you afford to carry up to another fulltime job - without being paid?  

Employers can take out insurance on you as a key / essential employee. But, what insurance policy does your spouse, or significant other, or children, or your family pets take out on you when you are over-committed between work and being a case manager / caregiver that they rarely see you? 

Let’s see the options:

  • Short of Long Term Disability (when you get injured from being sleep deprived)
  • Partial income replacement
  • LIFE INSURANCE (when you die prematurely from overwhelming stress)
  • Pre-Needs Insurance (burial insurance in case they cannot afford your funeral)

If I could design an insurance product, it would be for insurance that would pay out a benefit for a full time Healthcare Case Manager for an aging parent, to help replace an adult working child, when the aging parent has an onset of a major illness or catastrophic injury.


My Story

I knew of people who had been Executors on estates. I even knew Caregivers - but I saw them once a month at a meeting. They did not sit around talking about how demanding the role is. Most of the Caregivers I knew were already on disability, and their parent moved in with them. Other than tight living quarters, they did not complain much. The biggest challenge I saw - and I helped resolve was - one person on disability had her mother on chemotherapy and dialysis. All was well until the station wagon blew the engine. Public medical transportation was a van - the elderly mother could not travel alone and the daughter on disability could not step “up” into the van to get in. It went from “everything working out” to life threatening in minutes! I was able to work out an agreement with a car rental company and local credit union for the car rental company to accept a $100 debit card from the credit union and allow a four-hour car rental so that “Peggy” could get her mother to medical treatments.

In my own case, with my elderly father, what was supposed to be at most flying in to help him for two weeks, then come back home across country, escalated to my handling his responsibilities as his Power of Attorney (that alone was almost full time!), medical case management, then application process for a reverse mortgage, and lastly arranging to put his house up for sale. After he passed, physically I collapsed from exhaustion - it was overwhelming for me to go back and have to face, and then deal with, the needs of an ongoing abusive parent. Every PTSD button I had was reactivated.

I know I am not alone in this: one in every six children is abused, so at least one in every six parents is an abuser. Those parents, unless they die young, probably will need caregivers one day.

That’s why after 19 years of experience assisting people with disabilities and their caregivers, and another three with my father alive, I decided to create Crisis Coaching - to train others on what they would be facing before they became Caregivers and Case  Managers.

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How Well Would You or Do You Deal With…

Unplanned, but frequent interruptions during the workday?


Working a long day - then having to work another eight-10 hours as a caregiver, get a few hours of sleep, then go back to work? Day after day…


Even if you do not feel well, you have to juggle your job, you children, AND your parents’ needs?


Having your entire savings and investment portfolio wiped out by escalating parent medical expenses or housing needs?


If you had to choose between paying for care expenses for your parents, and assisting your children with university expenses - how would you choose?


Would your employer accept you missing deadlines more often than not for five years? Being unavailable for travel? Being irritable or short-tempered at work?


Are you willing to give up career advancement / promotion opportunities? Could you relocate closer to your parent(s) and still keep your job?

What is Your Risk?


Check this out! Caregiver Statistics. Statistical information from AARP, National Family Caregivers Association, Survey of Self-Identified Family Caregivers, MetLife, and others who have tracked the data.

73% of family caregivers who care for someone over the age of 18 either work or have worked while providing care; 66% have had to make some adjustments to their work life, from reporting late to work to giving up work entirely; and 1 in 5 family caregivers have had to take a leave of absence. American businesses can lose as much as $34 billion each year due to employees' need to care for loved ones 50 years of age and older. Caregivers caring for elderly loved ones cost employers 8% more in health care costs estimated to be worth $13.4 billion per year.

Unpaid caregiving is saving the government $375 billion dollars/ per year. On average, 29% of Americans providing over 20 hours per week in unpaid caregiving. 13% are spending 40 hours of more in providing unpaid care.

78% of seniors and elderly needing care must rely entirely on family and friends for support.

51% of care recipients live in their own home, 29% live with their family caregiver, and 4% live in nursing homes and assisted living.

Effect on Women in the Workplace


“The typical family caregiver is a 49-year-old woman caring for her widowed 69-year-old mother who does not live with her. She is married and employed. Approximately 66% of family caregivers are women. More than 37% have children or grandchildren under 18 years old living with them” - thus the labeled “sandwich generation.”

Women caregivers are 2.5 times more likely to be in poverty, and 5 times more likely to be receiving SSI.

And Your Health Will Decline the Longer you are a Caregiver


23% of caregivers providing care over five years report poor or bad health for themselves.

Are You at Risk of Being Pulled into this Black Hole Case Manager / Caregiver Tunnel? Take This Self - Assessment.


I have at least one living parent.

I do not live with my parent(s).

My parent(s) is over age 50.

I do not have another sibling who has agreed to be the Caregiver when help is needed.

My parent(s) has made no other arrangements for care for him/ her/ themselves if there is a medical emergency.


Are You at Risk for High Stress If You Become the Case Manager or Caregiver?



My Parent is a felon, OR was not charged due to a botched investigation but admitted to the violent crime

I have custody agreements, immigration, parole agreements, etc. - any legal situation that makes it hard to leave the state / province to be a Caregiver.

I would have a “conflict of interest” - state/ province may investigate to see if there is “blended money” between me and my senior / elderly person.

Emotional Issues

I am an abuse survivor - my parent was the abuser.

Adult Child I have  physical or mental disabilities; I’m off-work and on disability

I have medical / health issue, which makes the time requirements for Case Management / Caregiving unrealistic without hurting my health.

I have a child with special needs (ex: Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.)

I lack the  mental capacity to make wise decisions for parent (could be low education level, lower IQ, exhaustion, being overwhelmed with work, or other such as traumatic brain injury)

I have addiction issues: active alcoholic or drug additions and would be triggered “to borrow” parent(s) medication.


Other family is closer and better choices / more stable to do it.

I have no grown children who can help.

My parent considers some friends closer than blood Adult Child.

Career / Financial Issues

I own a business. Taking on Case Management / Caregiving would cost employees their jobs, as company would have to close.

I would risk losing my employment or livelihood.

I am low income, or living paycheck to paycheck, or on social assistance or disability

I am an entrepreneur

Taking on Case Management or Caregiving would create a financial hardship or career hardship.

I am over 50, if male and over 40 if female. After this age, on the other side of being a Case Manager or Caregiver, it is difficult to be rehired at the same level.

I am  employed in a high tech / IT field - career where information and tools for the job change fast and skills can be fast outdated

Travel Issues

I live more than two hours away from parent(s).

I live out of state / province, or country.

I travel with work.


Over 90% of family caregivers become more proactive about seeking resources and skills they need to assist their care recipient after they have self-identified.

What Can You Do About This?


Get Trained NOW.

“ONE - STOP”: Crisis Coaching Training





  • Peace of Mind - You know What to Do When the Time Comes


  • Freedom to Focus on End Times Relationship with Parent(s)
  • Save Time (Instead of redundant calls - Make 1-2 calls and know what to ask)


  • Save Money (Being better organized, can save money when you go to the lawyer, accountant, and estate planner.


  • You KNOW How to “Start” Caregiving and Case Management - Also Know how to Create an Exit Plan!


  • Know How to Protect Yourself, Your Job / Career and Assets


  • When You Know “Red Flag” Warning Signs,” You Give Yourself Permission to Get Out of What is Not Working









Train On:


  • Legal
  • Risk: Mitigation and Management
  • Insurance
  • Navigating Healthcare Systems
  • Evaluating Medical Care and Doctors
  • Due Diligence Research
  • Government Services and Programs (SSA, SSI, EBT, CPP, Old Age Pension, Medicare)
  • Aging in Place, Adult Residential Facilities, Aging “Without” a Place
  • Real Estate and Repair Loans
  • Estate Planning and Settlement
  • Dying and Death Issues, Including Autopsies
  • Cross-Border  Estates and Assets


Emotional Issues:


  • Getting Along with Difficult People
  • Supporting Grieving/ Mourners
  • Caregiver Burnout Support
  • Recognizing Depression




  • Self-Assessment Testing
  • Situation Room: Wargaming Real-Life Scenarios
  • Hanger Lab (for group research)
  • Waystation 49: Virtual “coffee shop” to meet with other Members





  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • “Pop - Up” Live Stream
  • Audio
  • Multi-Media
  • Power Point
  • PDFs
  • Documents
  • Workbooks
  • Books and eBooks
  • Conference Calls
  • Q&A Sessions




One year. Second year is Alumni. Access to courses permanently.





You Register as either an Individual

Extended Family


VIP (wage earners over$200,000/ annual - OR - out of country assets)






  • Downloadable resources (checklists, worksheets, PDF guides, etc.) - VALUE: $200
  • Access to a private group with other students: VALUE: $250
  • 1-on-1 or group coaching calls with you: VALUE: $500
  • Monthly live calls or webinars with you: VALUE: $1200
  • Discounts or deals on other products or services from our marketing partners- VALUE: Varies
  • Course completion certification (OPTIONAL UPGRADE) $1000




30-Day 100% Refund on your Experience / Fully Refundable. No questions asked.

By the time you successfully complete one year of the Crisis-Coaching training, you should know more about how all these systems interrelate and how to work effectively through the systems, than the average person blindly taking on Case Management.  

This is “deep dive learning.”

If you decide to become certified, you have an opportunity to apply to consult on this information in your area.



I am not a licensed: lawyer, accountant, estate planner, or securities advisor - or any other “licensed professional” which would require registering in every state, province, and federally / nationally. Therefore, you will be taught information and the process to understand “how to make your own informed decisions” but otherwise, you are expected to meet with professionals in your own state or province to help fine-tune your plans as necessary.

Risk Protection: Mitigation and Management

Stabilize your Life!

You are in the midst of a family Crisis. Is work piling up on your desk? 

Do co-workers pick up your slack? Are they becoming resentful? Are you holding people up because your work is not done? 

Are you 'not present' when you are at work? 

Are you missing meetings? 

Do you come to work tired and falling asleep from exhaustion?

Is your paycheck being affected? 

Are you refusing work travel because of family obligations? 

Is your job becoming 'unstable?'

Are you starting to look at what you could sell (or pawn) to raise extra  money for your parents? Or for an adult child? 

How is your home life doing? Do you have less patience? 

Are you fighting more with family members or significant other? 

Are your savings dwindling? 

Do your children feel neglected? 

Do your pets try to sit you down for extended petting time - they miss you and know something is wrong? 

Are your feeling overwhelmed, and confused not really knowing what to do?  Feeling in this all alone?

This is WHY the best time to plan for a Crisis is BEFORE the crisis.

Crisis Coaching can still help if you are in a Crisis. But we are at our best before the crisis lands.


About Caesi Bevis, Principal Crisis Coaching

Caesi Bevis

Caesi Bevis

MBA, Founder, Principal of Crisis Coaching, Content Creator, Healthcare Lobbyist, Futurist

Caesi Bevis is the Founder/ Principal of Crisis Coaching. She is a Professional Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Content Creator, Futurist. Caesi offers over 23 years’ experience working with people with disabilities, case managers, and caregivers. As President and Executive Director of nonprofit organizations, she has served on boards for a period of over ten years. About 50% of the nonprofit members were seniors.

As a Healthcare Lobbyist, Caesi was often called upon to answer elected government official behests, and has sat on national, provincial and city forums and committees addressing how best to “fix” gaps in services or to create trifecta support partnerships between private companies and community needs. Additionally, Caesi was “on call” as an “Expert Witness” for court systems in British Columbia and the U.S. for expert opinions on mental and physical health disability, as well as senior issues, and protection of rights, access to treatment, and right to quality of life.

Since May 2010, Caesi has been researching and developing the (Healthcare) Crisis Coaching training and consulting on seniors issues for adult children. Crisis Coaching is a national and cross-border program, with Canada, which trains adult children on “aging parent issues."

Caesi Bevis is drafting the Bevis Physical and Mental Healthcare Federal Reform Billfor intended presentation to Congress.  Ms. Bevis offers strong experience in federal and state regulatory compliance, HIPAA, privacy laws, and other regulations, as well as knowledgeable on private insurance, HMO, PPO, and Medical / Medicare, as well as SSA, SSI and SSDI issues. In the past year, she has been investigating local Title XXVI compliance and local fining procedures related to assisted living facilities. She has a “strong concern” because presently there is no way to publically / official record “positive comments” on residential care facilities with licensing and fining bodies.  

Small Business Owner Experience

As a small business owner, Caesi Bevis “has worn  many hats:” Her strength is "codifying" - creating systems, and analyzing vasts amounts of data and seeing patterns for influence and being able to forecast or create an "early warning signal" for perfect storms that are brewing when situations are colliding.

For example: She sees the U.S., and Canada, on a collision course since government is not providing the additional supports needed by families to care for seniors and elderly trying to age in place in their own homes. Both governments are ignoring that adult daughters today are often holding down more than one job, or are heads of households; they are no longer available to go move back home and in with aging mother or father as a caregiver. The adult sons are also not available for similar reasons. "You cannot tell people to age in place" - then "not give them the services to do so. Our populations are getting older, not younger. We have to provide the services or else we will continue to see severe impact on businesses as more and more employees have to leave a job to take care of parents."

Previous Career Experience

Private Investigator: When Caesi first contracted in Canada, she contracted as a licensed private investigator and investigated worker's comp alleged fraud cases, and later worked with law firms finding then taking witness statements and doing photography  for personal injury cases.

Caesi also has over eight years professional experience in executive recruiting and contract recruiting for engineering, architecture, theme park artisan positions, and retail positions.

Personal Growth Coursework Trainee and Trainer: Caesi has over 20+ years in personal growth coursework and has used this training to inspire volunteers and empower people with disabilities to continue living fulfilled lives.  

Management Experience: Caesi remains very knowledgeable on community events. Caesi was a ten-year Editor for an Arts and Entertainment, Hospitality, Tourism online magazine, “Rave! Entertainment.” She was responsible for hiring, assigning and terminating for contract writers. At the magazine’s peak, she supervised and edited for a crew of up to 35 writers depending on the season. Personally, she reviewed about 20 -35 events, hotels, and restaurants per month.


  • Crisis Planning NOW - 25 Tips on How to Protect Your Career or Job, Finances, Legal Standing, Assets and Estate - AND Protect Your Family at the Same Time
  • 20 Unique Ways to Pay for Renovations on your Inherited Lemon House
  • 15 Mistakes Adults Make as They Age - Create Your Action Plan and Stop Being “Vulnerable” TODAY
  • Your Parents’ Medicare: What You Need to Know to Protect your Mom and Dad
  • 20 Tips for Multiple-Trauma Survivors and Other Topics

Contact Speaker for Full List
  • 20 minute (radio half-hour show)
  • 40 minute (radio or tv one hour show)
  • 45 minute (live)•60 minute (live)
  • Longer training presentations by contract for half and full day, and multi-day events



Customized Crisis Plan

Ability to Analyze Impact on Business

Ability to Analyze Impact on Personal

Strategies for Protecting Relationships

Strategies for Protecting Assets

Strategies to Overall Keep Life as Stable as Possible


"You [Caesi Bevis] did some tremendous work here [in British Columbia, Canada]!!! "You were innovative, and started it just at the right time! Not every one uses their lives for the good of others, but you certainly do!!! Valuable help, support and knowledge, helps make a real difference in peoples lives. Thank you, for being YOU!!! (Her response May 11, 2017, in FaceBook Group about the Flashback Weds posting of The Times full page article on Caesi Bevis)
Sherri Hunt Todd Sherri Hunt-Todd, BC Director, The National ME/FM Action Network
"In the time I have known Caesi Bevis, when she was case managing for us (I live out of state and my adult children and ex husband have disabilities), she rescued my ex-husband from homelessness, helped him gain access to medical care and assessment, got him back on his medicine for paranoid schizophrenia, and found him a suitable place to live. She also became a caregiver and "guardian angel" as my son, with disabilities, had called her, protecting his interests when he had a medical crisis overlapping his father's crisis. She took on what my daughter and I could not. Here's what she did for us: Arranging and coordinating a move, housing for my ex, navigating healthcare systems, hunting for my ex when he went missing and later was 'patient dumped' by the hospital, helped with missing person police filings, emotional support for my son, supported me through two back-to-back hospital ER emergencies with my ex, sourced two assisted living places for my ex, helped with hospital and state complaint filings, and transportation support for my son to get to work."
J.M. McKenny Financial Executive
"When my wife died fairly suddenly, her family treated me more like we were 'divorced.' Suddenly, I had no blood family at all. I was on my own in a new state and city, and needing to access help. I have permanent disabilities and my wife was not only our wage earner, she was my caregiver and helped me stay on top of medical appointments and getting medical supplies, and such. Now I had no one. I even had less than no one...our family pet had also died recently. I was on my own with no disability check, and no help. Caesi was able to reach people in my state, obtain names and numbers of who I needed to talk to, and help me reach churches in my area who could help me with donations until I could get disability benefits. This was the scariest time I went through. I was surprised that my closest family - my wife's family refused to help, yet here was someone 3,000 miles away who jumped in and did. G. A., (state withheld)
G. A. Widower on Disability


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