Need Help Paying Bills? How to End Billing Nightmares

"How to End Billing and Customer Service Nightmares”

Need Help Paying Bills? Know “The Timeline, Policies, and Negotiation Strategies” for Best Results

Conquer the Mountains of Bills

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Whose Bills: Yours, Parents, Teens and Adult Children - Get Help

Learn how to recognize when you may be going into a financial problem, how to handle it when you are in it, and how to dig yourself out again.


Negotiating New Agreements

When You are Stuck - Negotiate to Pay Less

Rather than file bankruptcy or Chapter 11, you may be able to negotiate to pay pennies on the dollar to settle your accounts. 

This is not about misusing this to cheat someone. You do not want 'that' karma. We are discussing survival level here.

Call an financial breakdown what it is - a breakdown, and make new agreements. 

Everyone has hard times at least once in his/ her life. It does not have to make you homeless, a transient, or into a bankruptcy - unless there is no other out. 

This is our "hand up" to you - you deserve to walk with your head held high.


How to End Billing and Customer Service Nightmares”


  • How to End Billing and Customer Service Nightmares
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About Your Instructor

Caesi Bevis

Caesi Bevis

MBA, Founder, Principal of Crisis Coaching, Content Creator, Healthcare Lobbyist, Futurist

Caesi Bevis is the Founder/ Principal of Crisis Coaching. She is a Professional Writer, Speaker, Trainer, Content Creator, Futurist. Caesi offers over 23 years’ experience working with people with disabilities, case managers, and caregivers. As President and Executive Director of nonprofit organizations, she has served on boards for a period of over ten years. About 50% of the nonprofit members were seniors.

As a Healthcare Lobbyist, Caesi was often called upon to answer elected government official behests, and has sat on national, provincial and city forums and committees addressing how best to “fix” gaps in services or to create trifecta support partnerships between private companies and community needs. Additionally, Caesi was “on call” as an “Expert Witness” for court systems in British Columbia and the U.S. for expert opinions on mental and physical health disability, as well as senior issues, and protection of rights, access to treatment, and right to quality of life.

Since May 2010, Caesi has been researching and developing the (Healthcare) Crisis Coaching training and consulting on seniors issues for adult children. Crisis Coaching is a national and cross-border program, with Canada, which trains adult children on “aging parent issues."

Caesi Bevis is drafting the Bevis Physical and Mental Healthcare Federal Reform Billfor intended presentation to Congress.  Ms. Bevis offers strong experience in federal and state regulatory compliance, HIPAA, privacy laws, and other regulations, as well as knowledgeable on private insurance, HMO, PPO, and Medical / Medicare, as well as SSA, SSI and SSDI issues. In the past year, she has been investigating local Title XXVI compliance and local fining procedures related to assisted living facilities. She has a “strong concern” because presently there is no way to publically / official record “positive comments” on residential care facilities with licensing and fining bodies.  

Small Business Owner Experience

As a small business owner, Caesi Bevis “has worn  many hats:” Her strength is "codifying" - creating systems, and analyzing vasts amounts of data and seeing patterns for influence and being able to forecast or create an "early warning signal" for perfect storms that are brewing when situations are colliding.

For example: She sees the U.S., and Canada, on a collision course since government is not providing the additional supports needed by families to care for seniors and elderly trying to age in place in their own homes. Both governments are ignoring that adult daughters today are often holding down more than one job, or are heads of households; they are no longer available to go move back home and in with aging mother or father as a caregiver. The adult sons are also not available for similar reasons. "You cannot tell people to age in place" - then "not give them the services to do so. Our populations are getting older, not younger. We have to provide the services or else we will continue to see severe impact on businesses as more and more employees have to leave a job to take care of parents."

Previous Career Experience

Private Investigator: When Caesi first contracted in Canada, she contracted as a licensed private investigator and investigated worker's comp alleged fraud cases, and later worked with law firms finding then taking witness statements and doing photography  for personal injury cases.

Caesi also has over eight years professional experience in executive recruiting and contract recruiting for engineering, architecture, theme park artisan positions, and retail positions.

Personal Growth Coursework Trainee and Trainer: Caesi has over 20+ years in personal growth coursework and has used this training to inspire volunteers and empower people with disabilities to continue living fulfilled lives.  

Management Experience: Caesi remains very knowledgeable on community events. Caesi was a ten-year Editor for an Arts and Entertainment, Hospitality, Tourism online magazine, “Rave! Entertainment.” She was responsible for hiring, assigning and terminating for contract writers. At the magazine’s peak, she supervised and edited for a crew of up to 35 writers depending on the season. Personally, she reviewed about 20 -35 events, hotels, and restaurants per month.


  • Crisis Planning NOW - 25 Tips on How to Protect Your Career or Job, Finances, Legal Standing, Assets and Estate - AND Protect Your Family at the Same Time
  • 20 Unique Ways to Pay for Renovations on your Inherited Lemon House
  • 15 Mistakes Adults Make as They Age - Create Your Action Plan and Stop Being “Vulnerable” TODAY
  • Your Parents’ Medicare: What You Need to Know to Protect your Mom and Dad
  • 20 Tips for Multiple-Trauma Survivors and Other Topics

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Learn New Calculation Formulas

Calculate like Debt Consolidators

Protect your Future Growth

Red Flags to Problems Ahead

Emergency Procedures

Surviving a Financial Nightmare


"I have dealt with Caesi Bevis of Bevis Consulting [Bevis Consulting founded and operates Crisis Coaching] for over two decades, in dealing with health care and patient care issues. Ms. Bevis is a woman of integrity, and a very dedicated professional leader in this field, which is rapidly increasing! Her research is meticulous, and her resources and information of paramount importance to all in this field. "
Sherri Todd Director, National ME/FM Action Network
"Caesi Bevis has acted as Limited Power of Attorney for me on behalf of my ex-husband who is in a care facility for mental illness. She has been able to do what I could not, which may have helped save his life."
Joanne McKenny Banking Executive
"I've known Caesi Bevis since 1996, and watched her research and build most of this program. Her goal has consistently been to make healthcare easier and more accessible for all."
Zaha Tsikopoulos Architect, PhD Nursing Candidate

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